“Audi Q4 e-tron®: Celebration of Progress” - A Celebration of Light Design

“Audi Q4 e-tron®: Celebration of Progress”  - A Celebration of Light Design

The week of April 12th marked the world premiere of Audi’s Q4 e-tron®, the first electric SUV “built with Audi DNA”.  The company crafted an impeccable event, star-studded, dynamic and with the right amount of suspense and a perfect balance between performance description and design highlights. The expected information on range, energy efficiency, charging time and cargo space was spaced out nicely between interviews. What surprised us was the almost poetical description of lighting and of some of the elements of light design. Audi’s designers Cesar Muntada and Stephan Berlitz captured the complexity of the creative process and the importance of close communication with the engineers and explained how light and the reflections on other objects enable unique design and how Audi provides vehicle personalization options through the selection of digital light signatures. The two leaders hinted at the way they see the future of lighting, as an enhanced means of communication between vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle drivers: “light is our future language”.

Personalized lighting and light communication add a new dimension to the world of repairs. We will be watching carefully for new and unique challenges which come with lights, sounds and vibrations of new EVs and technology platforms.

Audi uploaded the recorded event on their YouTube channel. Enjoy!




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